1. 15 Nov, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-11-15 17:25:54 by simonmar] · 8ee6bed3
      simonmar authored
      oops, I broke overriding of suffix rules when I moved the include of
      suffix.mk into target.mk.  Hence, hack around it here by moving
      nofib's suffix.mk after the include of target.mk.
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  4. 15 Mar, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-03-15 16:07:58 by rje] · 398fa58f
      rje authored
      Add ability for NoFib to be run with various different modes.
      The mode is set by changing a variable called "mode".
      This allows tests to be run for different lengths of time, depending on what kin
      d of test is wanted.
      Current modes are:
      <unset> = default mode. Like previous NoFib.
      "slow" = tries to run for around 10-20 seconds on my workstation.
      A test is given several modes by giving it the following:
              <test>.stdout -> <test>.<mode>stdout
              <test>.stdin -> <test>.<mode>stdin
      Args are set in the makefile as
  5. 06 Mar, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-03-06 13:32:59 by keithw] · 66f2aa34
      keithw authored
      Add way to ==nofib== banner (it's now `==nofib==' for normal and
      `==nofib_way==' for way `way'.  At the moment nofib-analyse only looks
      for `==nofib==', and so now it won't be misled by, e.g., excessive
      runtimes for the ticky way.
      To collect stats from non-standard ways, nofib-analyse will have to be
  6. 12 Feb, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-02-12 15:17:35 by simonmar] · dbed0795
      simonmar authored
      Switch over to the new hierarchical libraries
      This commit reorganises our libraries to use the new hierarchical
      module namespace extension.
      The basic story is this:
         - fptools/libraries contains the new hierarchical libraries.
           Everything in here is "clean", i.e. most deprecated stuff has
           been removed.
      	- fptools/libraries/base is the new base package
      	  (replacing "std") and contains roughly what was previously
      	  in std, lang, and concurrent, minus deprecated stuff.
      	  Things that are *not allowed* in libraries/base include:
      		Addr, ForeignObj, ByteArray, MutableByteArray,
      		_casm_, _ccall_, ``'', PrimIO
      	  For ByteArrays and MutableByteArrays we use UArray and
      	  STUArray/IOUArray respectively now.
      	  Modules previously called PrelFoo are now under
      	  fptools/libraries/GHC.  eg. PrelBase is now GHC.Base.
      	- fptools/libraries/haskell98 provides the Haskell 98 std.
      	  libraries (Char, IO, Numeric etc.) as a package.  This
      	  package is enabled by default.
      	- fptools/libraries/network is a rearranged version of
      	  the existing net package (the old package net is still
      	  available; see below).
      	- Other packages will migrate to fptools/libraries in
      	  due course.
           NB. you need to checkout fptools/libraries as well as
           fptools/hslibs now.  The nightly build scripts will need to be
         - fptools/hslibs still contains (almost) the same stuff as before.
           Where libraries have moved into the new hierarchy, the hslibs
           version contains a "stub" that just re-exports the new version.
           The idea is that code will gradually migrate from fptools/hslibs
           into fptools/libraries as it gets cleaned up, and in a version or
           two we can remove the old packages altogether.
         - I've taken the opportunity to make some changes to the build
           system, ripping out the old hslibs Makefile stuff from
           mk/target.mk; the new package building Makefile code is in
           mk/package.mk (auto-included from mk/target.mk).
           The main improvement is that packages now register themselves at
           make boot time using ghc-pkg, and the monolithic package.conf
           in ghc/driver is gone.
           I've updated the standard packages but haven't tested win32,
           graphics, xlib, object-io, or OpenGL yet.  The Makefiles in
           these packages may need some further tweaks, and they'll need
           pkg.conf.in files added.
         - Unfortunately all this rearrangement meant I had to bump the
           interface-file version and create a bunch of .hi-boot-6 files :-(
  7. 01 Feb, 2002 1 commit
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      [project @ 2002-02-01 10:22:48 by simonmar] · e509b330
      simonmar authored
      An ugly hack is now needed in here after my build system changes the
      other day.  Oh dear, I hope I haven't created a monster.  Well, it can
      always be backed out I suppose.
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  10. 03 Apr, 2001 1 commit
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      [project @ 2001-04-03 20:12:37 by hwloidl] · 0cd6ee4a
      hwloidl authored
      Cleanup in parallel section of nofib suite. The fibish fcts are ok, i.e.
      std way should succeed, parallel way should build.
      Parallel way has to be run by hand (problems redirecting stdout), so not
      automatic check whether output is identical to the provided file.
      Added a bunch of test prgs for GdH in distributed section. Still need
      to be integrated into nofib build machinery (currently standalone Makefiles).
      Modified Makefiles to work with a parallel build. Have to omit runtest for now.
  11. 22 Mar, 2001 1 commit
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      [project @ 2001-03-22 03:51:12 by hwloidl] · 969b9f16
      hwloidl authored
      -*- outline -*-
      Time-stamp: <Thu Mar 22 2001 03:50:16 Stardate: [-30]6365.79 hwloidl>
      This commit covers changes in GHC to get GUM (way=mp) and GUM/GdH (way=md)
      working. It is a merge of my working version of GUM, based on GHC 4.06,
      with GHC 4.11. Almost all changes are in the RTS (see below).
      GUM is reasonably stable, we used the 4.06 version in large-ish programs for
      recent papers. Couple of things I want to change, but nothing urgent.
      GUM/GdH has just been merged and needs more testing. Hope to do that in the
      next weeks. It works in our working build but needs tweaking to run.
      GranSim doesn't work yet (*sigh*). Most of the code should be in, but needs
      more debugging.
      ToDo: I still want to make the following minor modifications before the release
      - Better wrapper skript for parallel execution [ghc/compiler/main]
      - Update parallel docu: started on it but it's minimal [ghc/docs/users_guide]
      - Clean up [nofib/parallel]: it's a real mess right now (*sigh*)
      - Update visualisation tools (minor things only IIRC) [ghc/utils/parallel]
      - Add a Klingon-English glossary
      * RTS:
      Almost all changes are restricted to ghc/rts/parallel and should not
      interfere with the rest. I only comment on changes outside the parallel
      - Several changes in Schedule.c (scheduling loop; createThreads etc);
        should only affect parallel code
      - Added ghc/rts/hooks/ShutdownEachPEHook.c
      - ghc/rts/Linker.[ch]: GUM doesn't know about Stable Names (ifdefs)!!
      - StgMiscClosures.h: END_TSO_QUEUE etc now defined here (from StgMiscClosures.hc)
                           END_ECAF_LIST was missing a leading stg_
      - SchedAPI.h: taskStart now defined in here; it's only a wrapper around
                    scheduleThread now, but might use some init, shutdown later
      - RtsAPI.h: I have nuked the def of rts_evalNothing
      * Compiler:
      - ghc/compiler/main/DriverState.hs
        added PVM-ish flags to the parallel way
        added new ways for parallel ticky profiling and distributed exec
      - ghc/compiler/main/DriverPipeline.hs
        added a fct run_phase_MoveBinary which is called with way=mp after linking;
        it moves the bin file into a PVM dir and produces a wrapper script for
        parallel execution
        maybe cleaner to add a MoveBinary phase in DriverPhases.hs but this way
        it's less intrusive and MoveBinary makes probably only sense for mp anyway
      * Nofib:
      - nofib/spectral/Makefile, nofib/real/Makefile, ghc/tests/programs/Makefile:
        modified to skip some tests if HWL_NOFIB_HACK is set; only tmp to record
        which test prgs cause problems in my working build right now
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  14. 08 Dec, 1999 1 commit
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      [project @ 1999-12-08 10:11:01 by simonmar] · d85eb704
      simonmar authored
      New make variable: $(WithNofibHc) which defines the Haskell compiler
      used to build nofib.
      Define $(GHC_INPLACE) in fptools/mk/config.mk.in.  $(WithNofibHc) is
      set to $(GHC_INPLACE) by default.
      Fix $(MKDEPENDHS) in ghc/lib/std/Makefile.
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  17. 21 Oct, 1998 1 commit
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      [project @ 1998-10-21 16:47:47 by sof] · ab73c3ba
      sof authored
      The default definition of RUNTEST_OPTS isn't as useful as it
      could be for NoFib, since it assumes that $(RUNTEST_OPTS) is
      being used in a pattern rule (i.e., $* is made use of.)
      Replace it with a more approp. NoFib definition, i.e., instead
      of $* use $(NOFIB_PROG).
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