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    [project @ 1999-10-06 11:10:40 by simonmar] · a1eaa285
    simonmar authored
    Add new subdirectory ghc/ for programs that use ghc extensions.  The
    old GHC_ONLY directory used to be populated with micro-tests, all of
    which appear to have been moved to ghc/tests.
    ghc/matrix is Pascal Serrarens' conversion of a Clean benchmark, that
    reputedly runs 4 times slower than 0.29 and 40 times slower than the
    clean implementation.  We have some ideas why this might be so:
    inlining and specialisation isn't working very well for array
    operations, so the bounds checking isn't being compiled down into
    decent code.  The changes I just made to the bounds representation in
    the various array datatypes improve things by 20% or so.
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