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    Change MungedPackageName to be non-opaque type. · 1a6e2732
    Oleg Grenrus authored
    i.e. strict pair of PackageName and LibraryName
    the legacy conversion is done via Pretty/Parsec instances.
    Change of `Maybe UnqualComponentName` to `LibraryName` caused
    a cascade of other changes, but they all seem to be good changes.
    In the sense, they made many comments not-so-necessary.
    Add Distribution.Types.PackageName.Magic for special package names.
    Updates in cabal-install are mostly trivial type error driven changes.
    I removed few (deprecated) `Text` instances: `MungedPackageId`,
    `MungedPackageName` and `LibraryName`. Turns out only a `Pretty`
    part was used, so it was easy to update. Note: `LibraryName`
    doesn't have `Pretty` / `Parsec` instances as it's either parsed/printed
    as a `ComponentName` or `UnqualComponentName`, never stand alone.
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