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    Fix the haddock --html-location= for relative URLs · 32dddcb1
    Duncan Coutts authored
    The previous fix in isue #1407 turned out to be in the wrong place and
    so applied to both the haddock-html from the ghc-pkg output, and also to
    the location passed via the --html-location flag. For the
    --html-location flag it is important that we can use relative URLs like
    /package/$pkg-$version/docs because that is what we need for hackage.
    Note that that is a relative URL, it's relative to the server root.
    However that was being interpreted as a local file path and being given
    the file:// prefix. So now we move the file:// URL stuff to the right
    place so it only applies to the location given in the haddock-html field
    of the package registration.