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    lots of changes, mostly from ross · 454e0e9d
    ijones authored
      documentation updates from ross paterson
      - more accurate specification of package names
      - hs-source-dir -> hs-source-dirs in examples
      - setup clean removes a bit more
      - rearrange description of fields
      Version.hs: allow more spaces in version constraints
      Install.hs: add the exe extension when installing executables (reported by Brian Smith)
      test directory: add explicit dependencies on base
      Prefix error messages and warnings with the program name, and send them
      to stderr.  (Also moved some stuff from Distribution.Simple.Utils to
      Distribution.Simple.Build to avoid circular dependencies.)
      refactoring only: split Compiler type from Distribution.Setup,
      to reduce dependencies.
      Exclude DefaultSetup.lhs from the GHC build
      add JHC to the Compiler type
      refactored argument processing
      setup sdist --snapshot: append YYYYMMDD to the version for the bundle
      improved error messages (from Brian Smith):
      * attach source locations to messages when available
      * change some remaining error's do die.
      refactor defaultMainWorker
      split Distribution.Extension between Language.Haskell.Extension (just
      the type, which will also be useful when haskell-src-exts is merged)
      and Distribution.Compiler (mappings to compiler options).
      add Language.Haskell.Extension
      Simon marlow:  update defaults for prefix/libdir/bindir