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    Print selected configure flags in install plan. · 52e8bfd0
    Edward Z. Yang authored
    When debugging #3827, I wished I could see what the profiling
    status of all packages in our install plan was.  This patch
    outputs this information, by printing the *configure flag*
    we would have passed to configure.
    In an ideal world, we'd print exactly the configure flags
    we actually pass in practice.  But this is not so great because
    the flag lists tend to be really long.  So we pare it down
    in the following ways:
    1. Not all flags are output: only a selected few.  In this
       patch, it's just enabling/disabling profiling flags, but
       we could add more.
    2. If we have Flag False for profiling, we will actually
       explicitly pass --disable-profiling to the configure
       script.  But it's not so good to output that to the
       user.  So 'nubFlag' lets us drop the flag, if omitting
       it would have the same effect as specifying it.
       Figuring that out is a little tricky though.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <ezyang@cs.stanford.edu>