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    lots of cvs changes from Ross · 580183e0
    Isaac Potoczny-Jones authored
      tweak SHGetFolderPath
      preprocess: Hugs+MinGW: remove special case
      test *_HOST_OS (as well as *_TARGET_OS, which is there for old GHC's)
      take care of string literals while stripping comments
      rearrange so that we print "Compiling FFI stubs" at most once
      only run ffihugs on Main module if required
      add comment about older Windows versions
      Hugs only: avoid SHGetFolderPath for now
      convert input file paths to platform form (from Brian Smith)
      convert paths to native form at entry
      rename --builddir as --scratchdir to avoid clash with autoconf --build flag.
      doc: consolidate descriptions of preprocessors