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    Treat all flags of a package as interdependent. · 5b63fce6
    Andres Löh authored and tibbe's avatar tibbe committed
    There was an open bug that could cause conflict sets to be
    computed incorrectly if flags were involved in the conflict
    set. Incorrectly computed conflict sets can lead to the solver not
    finding solutions even though they actually exist.
    Because I decided that computing flag dependencies correctly is tricky
    and probably not worth the effort, we're now treating all flags (of a
    package) as mutually dependent. This means that if any flag choice ends
    up in a conflict set, then it's as if all flag choices (of the same
    package) are in that conflict set. This is potentially slower for
    packages having many flags, but it should at least be correct, because
    it's conservative.
    (cherry picked from commit 3f777568)