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    cabal init not interactive by default in 3.0 · ca5b49f0
    Hyperreal Gopher authored
    Since `cabal init` is no longer interactive by default
    (as per my version,, including other minor
    changes to the `init` process, change the `cabal init`
    section to mention the usage of the `--interactive` flag,
    and the new minor changes (which/the order questions
    are asked, what the terminal output is).
    I came across this problem while learning `cabal`
    (having recently migrated from `stack`) and reading
    this section of Cabal's quickstart guide.
    To be proactive, add TIP relatively-linking to the
    new getting started guide
    in a TIP at the top of the page.  Implemented
    because that is the best "entrypoint" to the docs,
    but many resources/searches still point the user
    to this page being modified.
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