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    Convert new-build to use the common BuildSuccess/Failure types · cdacc518
    Duncan Coutts authored
    As a result of the previous InstallPlan refactoring, we can now use the
    non-serialisable BuildFailure type from D.C.Types which uses
    SomeException, where previously we had to use a copy of that type that
    used String for the errors.
    So now there's no longer any need to have a separate set of types for
    BuildResult, BuildResults, BuildSuccess or BuildFailure. There was a
    minor difference in the structure of the BuildSuccess, where in the new
    build code we need to be able to produce the InstalledPackageInfo at a
    different point from the rest of the info in the BuildSuccess. This can
    be kept local to the ProjecBuilding module, but accounts for the
    somewhat larger number of changes in that module.
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