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    Per-component new-build support (no Custom support yet). · d9bf6788
    Edward Z. Yang authored
    A bit of a megapatch.  Here's what's in it:
    * First, a few miscellaneous utility functions and reexports
      in Cabal.  I could have split these into a separate commit
      but I was too lazy to.
    * Distribution.Client.Install got refactored:
      instead of using PackageFixedDeps, it uses IsUnit
      instead.  This is because we weren't using ComponentDeps
      in a nontrivial way; we just need some graph structure
      and IsNode (with UnitId keys) fulfills that. I also removed the
      invariant checking and error reporting because it was
      being annoying (we check the invariants already in
    * Look at Distribution.Client.ProjectPlanning.Types.
      This contains the primary type change: ElaboratedConfiguredPackage
      is now EITHER a monolithic ElaboratedPackage, or a per-component
      ElaboratedComponent (it should get renamed but I didn't do that
      in this patch.)  These are what we're going to store in our
      plans: if a package we're building has a Setup script which supports
      per-component builds, we'll explode it into a component.  Otherwise
      we'll keep it as a package.  We'll see codepaths for both
    * OK, so the expansion happens in ProjectPlanning, mostly in
      'elaborateAndExpandSolverPackage'.  You should review the
      package hash computation code closely.  When we can separate
      components, we compute a hash for each INDEPENDENTLY.  This
      is good: we get more sharing.
    * We need to adjust the target resolution and pruning code
      in ProjectOrchestration and ProjectPlanning.  I did a dumb
      but easy idea: if a user mentions 'packagename' in a
      target name, I spray the PackageTarget on every
      possibly relevant IPID in buildTargets', and then pare
      it down later.
    * And of course there's code in ProjectBuilding to actual
      do a configure and then build.
    * We change the layout of build directories so that we can
      track each component separately.  While I was doing that,
      I also added compiler and platform information.
    Custom doesn't work yet because I need to give them their own
    separate component, and teach Cabal how to build them specially.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <ezyang@cs.stanford.edu>
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