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    Tweak where the default config lives and where we keep the package list · e6ad7fc5
    duncan.coutts@worc.ox.ac.uk authored
    This should make it all "Just Work"tm. We no longer need a Makefile
    to do the installation. The point is, don't bother trying to use
    /etc/cabal-install/srve.list as the global list. That's hard to do
    because it involves installing that file, and we only want to do that
    for global installs, so it's even more complex. Instead we should just
    use cabal's facility to install data files. That way it ends up in
    or somewhere similar for a user install. But either way, cabal handles it.
    The per-user config sill overrides this one, so it's still possible to edit
    the list even if /usr/local/share/ is read-only. Also, we always use
    $HOME/.cabal-install/ for the per-user config and package cache.
    The one downside is that if an admin wants to use /etc/ and /var rather
    than /root/.cabal-install/ then this is a tad harder. But the point is
    at the moment it'll at least work for most people without fiddling,
    including windows users.
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