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[skip ci] Add note about where all the config comes from.

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......@@ -403,6 +403,17 @@ command line flags that `cabal install` and other commands take.
For example, `cabal new-configure --library-profiling` will
write out a project file with `library-profiling: True`.
The full configuration of a project is determined by combining
the following sources (later entries override earlier ones):
1. `~/.cabal/config` (the user-wide global configuration)
2. `cabal.project` (the project configuratoin)
3. `cabal.project.freeze` (the output of `cabal new-freeze`)
4. `cabal.project.local` (the output of `cabal new-configure`)
## Specifying the local packages ##
The following top-level options specify what the local packages of a
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