Commit 019ef6f6 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov Committed by GitHub
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Attempt to unbreak doc uploading.

parent 487565aa
...@@ -4,16 +4,13 @@ set -ex ...@@ -4,16 +4,13 @@ set -ex
deploy() { deploy() {
git config --global "" git config --global ""
git config --global "Travis CI User" git config --global "Travis CI User"
git clone ../cabal-website git clone cabal-website
cd ../cabal-website (cd cabal-website && git checkout --track -b gh-pages origin/gh-pages)
git checkout --track -b gh-pages origin/gh-pages mkdir -p cabal-website/doc/html
cd - mv Cabal/dist/doc/html/Cabal cabal-website/doc/html/Cabal
mkdir -p ../cabal-website/doc/html (cd cabal-website && git add --all .)
mv Cabal/dist/doc/html/Cabal ../cabal-website/doc/html/Cabal (cd cabal-website && git commit --amend --reset-author -m "Deploy to GitHub ($(date)).")
cd ../cabal-website (cd cabal-website && git push --force gh-pages:gh-pages)
git add --all .
git commit --amend --reset-author -m "Deploy to GitHub ($(date))."
git push --force gh-pages:gh-pages
} }
if [ "x$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" = "xfalse" -a "x$TRAVIS_BRANCH" = "xmaster" \ if [ "x$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" = "xfalse" -a "x$TRAVIS_BRANCH" = "xmaster" \
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