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Merge pull request #6385 from haskell/partial-6271

fetchRepoTarball output is non-deterministic
parents 4561d21a 0b9550b9
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ fetchPackage verbosity repoCtxt loc = case loc of
-- | Fetch a repo package if we don't have it already.
fetchRepoTarball :: Verbosity -> RepoContext -> Repo -> PackageId -> IO FilePath
fetchRepoTarball verbosity repoCtxt repo pkgid = do
fetchRepoTarball verbosity' repoCtxt repo pkgid = do
fetched <- doesFileExist (packageFile repo pkgid)
if fetched
then do info verbosity $ display pkgid ++ " has already been downloaded."
......@@ -171,9 +171,10 @@ fetchRepoTarball verbosity repoCtxt repo pkgid = do
res <- downloadRepoPackage
progressMessage verbosity ProgressDownloaded (display pkgid)
return res
-- whether we download or not is non-deterministic
verbosity = verboseUnmarkOutput verbosity'
downloadRepoPackage = case repo of
RepoLocal{..} -> return (packageFile repo pkgid)
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