Commit 08e95d7e authored by Oleg Grenrus's avatar Oleg Grenrus

Document implicit setup-depends and Cabal version selection

parent b2bbf0d2
......@@ -3281,6 +3281,18 @@ Declaring a ``custom-setup`` stanza also enables the generation of
:pkg-field:`build-depends` field for a description of the syntax expected by
this field.
If the field is not specified the implicit package set will be used.
The package set contains packages bundled with GHC (i.e. ``base``,
``bytestring``) and specifically ``Cabal``.
The specific bounds are put on ``Cabal`` dependency:
lower-bound is inferred from :pkg-field:`cabal-version`,
and the upper-bound is ``< 1.25``.
``Cabal`` version is additionally restricted by GHC,
with absolute minimum being ``1.20``, and for example ``Custom``
builds with GHC-8.10 require at least ``Cabal-3.2``.
Backward compatibility and ``custom-setup``
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