Commit 09f98a55 authored by refold's avatar refold Committed by Duncan Coutts
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Fix a typo (s/reative/relative/).

parent 63d0242b
......@@ -317,9 +317,10 @@ inplaceInstalledPackageInfo :: FilePath -- ^ top of the build tree
-> ComponentLocalBuildInfo
-> InstalledPackageInfo
inplaceInstalledPackageInfo inplaceDir distPref pkg lib lbi clbi =
generalInstalledPackageInfo adjustReativeIncludeDirs pkg lib clbi installDirs
generalInstalledPackageInfo adjustRelativeIncludeDirs pkg lib clbi
adjustReativeIncludeDirs = map (inplaceDir </>)
adjustRelativeIncludeDirs = map (inplaceDir </>)
installDirs =
(absoluteInstallDirs pkg lbi NoCopyDest) {
libdir = inplaceDir </> buildDir lbi,
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