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Document unqualifyDeps

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......@@ -242,6 +242,13 @@ qualifyDeps QO{..} (Q pp@(PP ns q) pn) = go
qSetup :: Component -> Bool
qSetup comp = qoSetupIndependent && comp == ComponentSetup
-- | Remove qualifiers from set of dependencies
-- This is used during link validation: when we link package @Q.A@ to @Q'.A@,
-- then all dependencies @Q.B@ need to be linked to @Q'.B@. In order to compute
-- what to link these dependencies to, we need to requalify @Q.B@ to become
-- @Q'.B@; we do this by first removing all qualifiers and then calling
-- 'qualifyDeps' again.
unqualifyDeps :: FlaggedDeps comp QPN -> FlaggedDeps comp PN
unqualifyDeps = go
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