Commit 0ada7ce4 authored by kristenk's avatar kristenk
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Fix build with GHC 7.8.4.

parent 6dc05349
......@@ -30,11 +30,12 @@ module UnitTests.Distribution.Solver.Modular.DSL (
, runProgress
) where
import Prelude ()
import Distribution.Client.Compat.Prelude
-- base
import Data.Either (partitionEithers)
import Data.Maybe (catMaybes, isNothing)
import Data.List (elemIndex, isPrefixOf, nub)
import Data.Monoid
import Data.List (elemIndex)
import Data.Ord (comparing)
import qualified Data.Map as Map
......@@ -392,7 +393,7 @@ exAvSrcPkg ex =
-- Convert a tree of BuildInfos into a tree of a specific component type.
-- 'defaultTopLevel' contains the default values for the component, and
-- 'mkComponent' creates a component from a 'BuildInfo'.
mkCondTree :: forall a. Monoid a =>
mkCondTree :: forall a. Semigroup a =>
a -> (C.BuildInfo -> a)
-> DependencyTree C.BuildInfo
-> DependencyTree a
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