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TODO updatres

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......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ data Dependency = Dependency String VersionRange
deriving (Read, Show)
-- |This represents non-standard compiler extensions which each
-- package might employ. Not yet implemented.
-- package might employ. FIX: Most extensions not yet implemented.
data Extension =
......@@ -19,18 +19,11 @@
** test / port code for Hugs and nhc
* Code
** FIX: does it try to register when we have "install --inst-prefix"?
(write test case)
** FIX: install currently moves .hs, .hi, and .o files for any target.
make it do the right thing for hugs (just move .hs) and {g,n}hc
(move .hi and .o)
** Write top-level Setup test cases (like "make check" under the test directory)
** Extensions -> flags interface (Misc.hs)
** Extensions -> flags interface
** Change mainModules to [(String, String)] for (Module, executable name)
** parse Setup.description
** build (for NHC and Hugs)
** install (for GHC and NHC) - look for .o and .hi, register, etc
** for fields like allModules, allow user to specify "Foo.Bar.*" or
something to indicate all haskell modules under that?
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