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Restructure the package installing code

Previously each layer called the next layer down and therefore the
top layer had to take all of the params that the bottom layer needed
even though they were mostly or wholly unmodified on the way down.
Now each layer takes the next layer as a parameter so we do not need
to take the params that are not used directly by the current layer.
The overall stack is then built by applying each layer to the next.
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......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ import Distribution.Simple.Utils
import Distribution.Package
( PackageIdentifier(..), Package(..), Dependency(..) )
import Distribution.PackageDescription as PackageDescription
( GenericPackageDescription(packageDescription), FlagAssignment )
( GenericPackageDescription(packageDescription) )
import Distribution.PackageDescription.Parse (readPackageDescription)
import Distribution.InstalledPackageInfo
( InstalledPackageInfo )
......@@ -106,9 +106,11 @@ install verbosity packageDB repos comp conf configFlags installFlags deps = do
printDryRun verbosity installPlan
unless (dryRun miscOptions) $ do
let installer = installPkg verbosity (setupScriptOptions installed)
miscOptions configFlags
executeInstallPlan installer installPlan
executeInstallPlan installPlan $ \cpkg ->
installConfiguredPackage configFlags cpkg $ \configFlags' apkg ->
installAvailablePackage verbosity apkg $
installUnpackedPackage verbosity (setupScriptOptions installed)
miscOptions configFlags'
return ()
let buildResults :: [(PackageIdentifier, BuildResult)]
......@@ -206,14 +208,15 @@ printDryRun verbosity pkgs
pkgId = packageId pkgInfo
in (pkgId : order (InstallPlan.completed pkgId ps))
executeInstallPlan :: (AvailablePackage -> FlagAssignment -> IO BuildResult)
-> InstallPlan BuildResult
-> IO (InstallPlan BuildResult)
executeInstallPlan installer plan
executeInstallPlan :: Monad m
=> InstallPlan BuildResult
-> (ConfiguredPackage -> m BuildResult)
-> m (InstallPlan BuildResult)
executeInstallPlan plan installPkg
| InstallPlan.done plan = return plan
| otherwise = do
let ConfiguredPackage pkg flags _deps = plan
buildResult <- installer pkg flags
let pkg = plan
buildResult <- installPkg pkg
let pkgid = packageId pkg
updatePlan = case buildResult of
BuildOk -> InstallPlan.completed pkgid
......@@ -223,48 +226,34 @@ executeInstallPlan installer plan
-- all the other packages that depended on this pkgid which we
-- now cannot build we mark as failing due to DependentFailed
-- which kind of means it was not their fault.
executeInstallPlan installer (updatePlan plan)
executeInstallPlan (updatePlan plan) installPkg
Download, build and install a given package with some given flags.
The process is divided up in a few steps:
* The package is downloaded to {config-dir}\/packages\/{pkg-id} (if not already there).
* The fetched tarball is then moved to a temporary directory (\/tmp on linux) and unpacked.
* setupWrapper (equivalent to cabal-setup) is called with the options
\'configure\' and the user specified options, \'--user\'
if the 'configUser' flag is @True@ and install directory flags depending on
@configUserInstallDirs@ or @configGlobalInstallDirs@.
* setupWrapper \'build\' is called with no options.
* setupWrapper \'install\' is called with the \'--user\' flag if 'configUserInstall' is @True@.
-- | Call an installer for an 'AvailablePackage' but override the configure
-- flags with the ones given by the 'ConfiguredPackage'. In particular the
-- 'ConfiguredPackage' specifies an exact 'FlagAssignment' and exactly
-- versioned package dependencies. So we ignore any previous partial flag
-- assignment or dependency constraints and use the new ones.
installConfiguredPackage :: Cabal.ConfigFlags -> ConfiguredPackage
-> (Cabal.ConfigFlags -> AvailablePackage -> a)
-> a
installConfiguredPackage configFlags (ConfiguredPackage pkg flags deps)
installPkg = installPkg configFlags {
Cabal.configConfigurationsFlags = flags,
Cabal.configConstraints = [ Dependency name (ThisVersion version)
| PackageIdentifier name version <- deps ]
} pkg
* The installation finishes by deleting the unpacked tarball.
installPkg :: Verbosity
-> SetupScriptOptions
-> InstallMisc
-> Cabal.ConfigFlags -- ^Options which will be parse to every package.
-> AvailablePackage -- TODO: change to ConfiguredPackage
-> FlagAssignment
-> IO BuildResult
installPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions configFlags
packageSource = LocalUnpackedPackage
}) flags = do
let configFlags' = configFlags {
Cabal.configConfigurationsFlags =
Cabal.configConfigurationsFlags configFlags ++ flags
installUnpackedPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions
(Available.packageDescription pkg) configFlags' Nothing
:: Verbosity -> AvailablePackage
-> (GenericPackageDescription -> Maybe FilePath -> IO BuildResult)
-> IO BuildResult
installAvailablePackage _ (AvailablePackage _ pkg LocalUnpackedPackage)
installPkg = installPkg pkg Nothing
installPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions configFlags pkg flags = do
pkgPath <- fetchPackage verbosity pkg
installAvailablePackage verbosity apkg@(AvailablePackage _ pkg _)
installPkg = do
pkgPath <- fetchPackage verbosity apkg
tmp <- getTemporaryDirectory
let pkgid = packageId pkg
tmpDirPath = tmp </> ("TMP" ++ display pkgid)
......@@ -277,22 +266,16 @@ installPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions configFlags pkg flags = do
exists <- doesFileExist descFilePath
when (not exists) $
die $ "Package .cabal file not found: " ++ show descFilePath
let configFlags' = configFlags {
Cabal.configConfigurationsFlags =
Cabal.configConfigurationsFlags configFlags ++ flags
installUnpackedPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions
(Available.packageDescription pkg) configFlags' (Just path)
installPkg pkg (Just path)
installUnpackedPkg :: Verbosity
installUnpackedPackage :: Verbosity
-> SetupScriptOptions
-> InstallMisc
-> Cabal.ConfigFlags
-> GenericPackageDescription
-- -> TODO: add flag assignment, or use ConfiguredPackage
-> Cabal.ConfigFlags -- ^ Arguments for this package
-> Maybe FilePath -- ^ Directory to change to before starting the installation.
-> IO BuildResult
installUnpackedPkg verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions pkg configFlags mpath
installUnpackedPackage verbosity scriptOptions miscOptions configFlags pkg mpath
= onFailure ConfigureFailed $ do
setup configureCommand configFlags
onFailure BuildFailed $ do
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