Commit 11ded09e authored by Duncan Coutts's avatar Duncan Coutts
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Remove most warnings from BuildReports.Upload module

parent bb14b56d
...@@ -9,30 +9,17 @@ module Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Upload ...@@ -9,30 +9,17 @@ module Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Upload
, putBuildLog , putBuildLog
) where ) where
import Distribution.Client.Types (Username(..), Password(..))
import Distribution.Client.HttpUtils (proxy)
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (debug, notice, warn)
import Distribution.Verbosity (Verbosity)
import Network.Browser import Network.Browser
( BrowserAction, browse, request ( BrowserAction, request, setAllowRedirects )
, Authority(..), addAuthority, setAuthorityGen
, setOutHandler, setErrHandler, setProxy
, setAllowRedirects )
import Network.HTTP import Network.HTTP
( Header(..), HeaderName(..) ( Header(..), HeaderName(..)
, Request(..), RequestMethod(..), Response(..) ) , Request(..), RequestMethod(..), Response(..) )
import Network.URI (URI, uriPath, parseURI,parseRelativeReference, relativeTo) import Network.URI (URI, uriPath, parseRelativeReference, relativeTo)
import Data.Char (intToDigit)
import Numeric (showHex)
import System.IO (hFlush, stdin, stdout, hGetEcho, hSetEcho
,openBinaryFile, IOMode(ReadMode), hGetContents)
import Control.Exception (bracket)
import Control.Monad import Control.Monad
import System.Random (randomRIO) ( forM_ )
import System.FilePath.Posix import System.FilePath.Posix
( (</>) )
import qualified Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Anonymous as BuildReport import qualified Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Anonymous as BuildReport
import Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Anonymous (BuildReport) import Distribution.Client.BuildReports.Anonymous (BuildReport)
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