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Change order of hsLibraries

After using this for a while. It occured to me that due to linker ordering, and GHC just forwarding the libraries as specified in the `hsLibraries` field, we should put the `extraBundledLibs` at the end. As such the haskell library can reference the `extraBundledLibs`.

This still leave the question of recursively linked libs. But getting that linked right should rather be deal with in GHC, which optimally would use being and end groups for the libraries to link.
parent 7eb99035
......@@ -430,10 +430,9 @@ generalInstalledPackageInfo adjustRelIncDirs pkg abi_hash lib lbi clbi installDi
IPI.libraryDirs = libdirs,
IPI.libraryDynDirs = dynlibdirs,
IPI.dataDir = datadir installDirs,
IPI.hsLibraries = extraBundledLibs bi
++ if hasLibrary
then [getHSLibraryName (componentUnitId clbi)]
else [],
IPI.hsLibraries = (if hasLibrary
then [getHSLibraryName (componentUnitId clbi)]
else []) ++ extraBundledLibs bi,
IPI.extraLibraries = extraLibs bi,
IPI.extraGHCiLibraries = extraGHCiLibs bi,
IPI.includeDirs = absinc ++ adjustRelIncDirs relinc,
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