Commit 18072a6f authored by ijones's avatar ijones
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added sanity check for empty executables and libraries.updated TODO

parent e692692d
......@@ -187,6 +187,9 @@ parsePackageDesc p = do h <- openFile p ReadMode
str <- hGetContents h
case parseDescription str of
Left e -> error (showError e) -- FIXME
Right x@PackageDescription{library=Nothing,
-> error "no library listed, and no executable stanza."
Right x -> return x
data PError = Parsec ParseError | FromString String
* 0.1
** grep for "FIX"
** sanity check for both library and executables == nothing.
- also, if they have Nothing, and yet BuildInfo is non-empty, this
should probably be a warning.
** Extensions
- complain if their use makes the code non-portable?
- constructorless data-types
- constructorless data-types?
** under what conditions does library == Nothing?
** Question: under what conditions does library == Nothing?
- Answer: when any of the buildInfo is filled out?
** Clean up field parsers (Martin: what else goes here?)
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