Commit 1b87dfec authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov

Use the 'Text Int' instance for parsing 'max-backjumps'.

parent 5b492095
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ import Distribution.Text
import Distribution.ReadE
( ReadE(..), readP_to_E, succeedReadE )
import qualified Distribution.Compat.ReadP as Parse
( ReadP, readS_to_P, char, munch1, pfail, (+++) )
( ReadP, char, munch1, pfail, (+++) )
import Distribution.Compat.Semigroup
( Semigroup((<>)) )
import Distribution.Verbosity
......@@ -2214,8 +2214,7 @@ optionSolverFlags showOrParseArgs getmbj setmbj getrg setrg _getig _setig getsip
[ option [] ["max-backjumps"]
("Maximum number of backjumps allowed while solving (default: " ++ show defaultMaxBackjumps ++ "). Use a negative number to enable unlimited backtracking. Use 0 to disable backtracking completely.")
getmbj setmbj
(reqArg "NUM" (readP_to_E ("Cannot parse number: "++)
(fmap toFlag (Parse.readS_to_P reads)))
(reqArg "NUM" (readP_to_E ("Cannot parse number: "++) (fmap toFlag parse))
(map show . flagToList))
, option [] ["reorder-goals"]
"Try to reorder goals according to certain heuristics. Slows things down on average, but may make backtracking faster for some packages."
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