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Remove local-repo documentation

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......@@ -1377,15 +1377,6 @@ Advanced global configuration options
The command line variant of this flag is
.. cfg-field:: local-repo: directory
[STRIKEOUT:The location of a local repository.] Deprecated. See
"Legacy repositories."
The command line variant of this flag is ``--local-repo=DIR``.
.. cfg-field:: world-file: path
......@@ -188,8 +188,8 @@ The part of the path will be used to determine the cache key part.
Legacy repositories
Currently ``cabal`` supports two kinds of “legacy” repositories. The
first is specified using
Currently ``cabal`` supports single kind of “legacy” repositories.
It is specified using
......@@ -206,18 +206,6 @@ although, in (and only in) the specific case of Hackage, the URL
```` will be silently
translated to ````.
The second kind of legacy repositories are so-called “(legacy) local”
local-repo: my-local-repo:/path/to/local/repo
This can be used to access repositories on the local file system.
However, the layout of these local repositories is different from the
layout of remote repositories, and usage of these local repositories is
Secure local repositories
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