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0.14.0 Andres Loeh <> April 2012
* Works with ghc-7.4
* Completely new modular dependency solver (default in most cases)
* Some tweaks to old topdown dependency solver
* Install plans are now checked for reinstalls that break packages
* Flags --constraint and --preference work for nonexisting packages
* New constraint forms for source and installed packages
* New constraint form for package-specific use flags
* New constraint form for package-specific stanza flags
* Test suite dependencies are pulled in on demand
* No longer install packages on --enable-tests when tests fail
* New "cabal bench" command
* Various "cabal init" tweaks
0.10.0 Duncan Coutts <> February 2011
* New package targets: local dirs, local and remote tarballs
* Initial support for a "world" package target
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