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some TODOs

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......@@ -2,11 +2,17 @@
** Extensions -> flags interface
** parse pkg.desc
** build
** install
** build (for NHC and Hugs)
** install (for GHC and NHC) - look for .o and .hi, register, etc
*** Installation for hugs-style (just copy source) is implemented.
also must implement for {g,n}hc style where we look for .o and .hi.
** for fields like allModules, allow user to specify "Foo.Bar.*" or
something to indicate all haskell modules under that?
** SDist for windows machines, or machines without tar.
** Better way to find 'tar'; is there a library?
** sign flag?
** grep for "FIX".
** register
** generate InstalledPackageInfo
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