Commit 213fc799 authored by refold's avatar refold
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Fix a warning.

parent 527084a2
......@@ -641,11 +641,11 @@ buildLib verbosity pkg_descr lbi lib clbi = do
libBi <- hackThreadedFlag verbosity
comp (withProfLib lbi) (libBuildInfo lib)
ghcDynamic <- ghcDynamic verbosity ghcProg
isGhcDynamic <- ghcDynamic verbosity ghcProg
let libTargetDir = pref
doingTH = EnableExtension TemplateHaskell `elem` allExtensions libBi
forceVanillaLib = doingTH && not ghcDynamic
forceSharedLib = doingTH && ghcDynamic
forceVanillaLib = doingTH && not isGhcDynamic
forceSharedLib = doingTH && isGhcDynamic
-- TH always needs default libs, even when building for profiling
createDirectoryIfMissingVerbose verbosity True libTargetDir
......@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@ buildLib verbosity pkg_descr lbi lib clbi = do
unless (null (libModules lib)) $
do let vanilla = ifVanillaLib forceVanillaLib (runGhcProg vanillaOpts)
shared = ifSharedLib forceSharedLib (runGhcProg sharedOpts)
if ghcDynamic then do shared; vanilla
if isGhcDynamic then do shared; vanilla
else do vanilla; shared
ifProfLib (runGhcProg profOpts)
......@@ -1183,4 +1183,3 @@ ghcDynamicByDefault verbosity ghcProg
return $ case lookup "Dynamic by default" xs of
Just "YES" -> True
_ -> False
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