Commit 2515cc28 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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allLibModules now includes every signature in the package

These may NOT be explicitly specified in the Cabal file;
we read it off of 'componentInstantiatedWith'.
parent 688b31e3
......@@ -289,11 +289,16 @@ depLibraryPaths inplace relative lbi clbi = do
then canonicalizePath p
else return p
-- TODO: doc
-- | Get all module names that needed to be built by GHC; i.e., all
-- of these 'ModuleName's have interface files associated with them
-- that need to be installed.
allLibModules :: Library -> ComponentLocalBuildInfo -> [ModuleName]
allLibModules lib clbi =
explicitLibModules lib
-- TODO: add more stuff
ordNub $
explicitLibModules lib ++
case clbi of
LibComponentLocalBuildInfo { componentInstantiatedWith = insts } -> map fst insts
_ -> []
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Wrappers for a couple functions from InstallDirs
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