Commit 25fbf6e2 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov
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Better warnings/errors.

parent 73f465b6
......@@ -127,6 +127,8 @@ import Distribution.PackageDescription
, FlagName(..), FlagAssignment )
import Distribution.PackageDescription.Configuration
( finalizePackageDescription )
import Distribution.ParseUtils
( showPWarning )
import Distribution.Version
( Version, anyVersion, thisVersion )
import Distribution.Simple.Utils as Utils
......@@ -1307,11 +1309,18 @@ installUnpackedPackage verbosity buildLimit installLock numJobs
setup Cabal.registerCommand registerFlags'
withFileContents pkgConfFile $ \pkgConfText ->
case Installed.parseInstalledPackageInfo pkgConfText of
Installed.ParseFailed perror -> error (show perror)
-- FIXME: Should we do something with warnings?
Installed.ParseOk _warnings pkgConf -> return (Just pkgConf)
Installed.ParseFailed perror -> pkgConfParseFailed perror
Installed.ParseOk warns pkgConf -> do
unless (null warns) $
warn verbosity $ unlines (map (showPWarning pkgConfFile) warns)
return (Just pkgConf)
else return Nothing
pkgConfParseFailed :: Installed.PError -> IO a
pkgConfParseFailed perror =
die $ "Couldn't parse the output of 'setup register --gen-pkg-config':"
++ show perror
setup cmd flags = do
(case useLogFile of
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