Commit 2b108699 authored by TillmannRendel's avatar TillmannRendel Committed by Duncan Coutts
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Capture installed package information.

The goal is to learn the installed package id of the package we just
installed, as necessary for #1860. We achieve this by inserting an
additional call to "setup register" that produces the installed package
information in a file. We read and parse that file and could now return
the installed package id, but it is not clear what interface would be
parent 6002f623
......@@ -112,7 +112,8 @@ import qualified Distribution.Simple.Setup as Cabal
, registerCommand, RegisterFlags(..), emptyRegisterFlags
, testCommand, TestFlags(..), emptyTestFlags )
import Distribution.Simple.Utils
( rawSystemExit, comparing, writeFileAtomic )
( rawSystemExit, comparing, writeFileAtomic
, withTempFile , withFileContents )
import Distribution.Simple.InstallDirs as InstallDirs
( PathTemplate, fromPathTemplate, toPathTemplate, substPathTemplate
, initialPathTemplateEnv, installDirsTemplateEnv )
......@@ -1225,7 +1226,24 @@ installUnpackedPackage verbosity buildLimit installLock numJobs
| otherwise = TestsNotTried
-- Install phase
onFailure InstallFailed $ criticalSection installLock $
onFailure InstallFailed $ criticalSection installLock $ do
-- Capture installed package configuration file
maybePkgConf <-
if shouldRegister then do
tmp <- getTemporaryDirectory
withTempFile tmp (tempTemplate "pkgConf") $ \pkgConfFile handle -> do
hClose handle
let registerFlags' version = (registerFlags version) {
Cabal.regGenPkgConf = toFlag (Just pkgConfFile)
setup Cabal.registerCommand registerFlags'
withFileContents pkgConfFile $ \pkgConfText ->
case Installed.parseInstalledPackageInfo pkgConfText of
Installed.ParseFailed perror -> error (show perror)
Installed.ParseOk warnings pkgConf -> return (Just pkgConf)
else return Nothing
-- Actual installation
withWin32SelfUpgrade verbosity configFlags compid platform pkg $ do
case rootCmd miscOptions of
(Just cmd) -> reexec cmd
......@@ -1233,7 +1251,7 @@ installUnpackedPackage verbosity buildLimit installLock numJobs
setup Cabal.copyCommand copyFlags
when shouldRegister $ do
setup Cabal.registerCommand registerFlags
return (Right (BuildOk docsResult testsResult))
return (Right (BuildOk docsResult testsResult))
pkgid = packageId pkg
......@@ -1262,6 +1280,7 @@ installUnpackedPackage verbosity buildLimit installLock numJobs
Cabal.regVerbosity = toFlag verbosity'
verbosity' = maybe verbosity snd useLogFile
tempTemplate name = name ++ "-" ++ display pkgid
addDefaultInstallDirs :: ConfigFlags -> IO ConfigFlags
addDefaultInstallDirs configFlags' = do
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