Commit 2d1367ed authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Set GHCI_LIB to "" in "Setup makefile" if GHC libs are disabled

parent 5fbab979
......@@ -758,7 +758,9 @@ makefile pkg_descr lbi flags = do
("MAKEFILE", file),
("C_SRCS", unwords (cSources bi)),
("GHC_CC_OPTS", unwords (ghcCcOptions lbi bi (buildDir lbi))),
("GHCI_LIB", builddir </> mkGHCiLibName (packageId pkg_descr)),
("GHCI_LIB", if withGHCiLib lbi
then builddir </> mkGHCiLibName (packageId pkg_descr)
else ""),
("soext", dllExtension),
("LIB_LD_OPTS", unwords (["-package-name", packageIdStr]
++ concat [ ["-package", display pkg] | pkg <- packageDeps lbi ]
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