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Add the start of a changelog for the Cabal file format

As suggested in #5401.

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Cabal file format changelog
Changes in 2.4
* Wildcard matching has been expanded. All previous wildcard
expressions are still valid; some will match strictly more files
than before. Specifically:
* Double-star (``**``) wildcards are now accepted for recursive
matching immediately before the final slash; they must be followed
by a filename wildcard (e.g., ``foo/**/*.html`` is valid;
``foo/**/bar/*.html`` and ``foo/**/**/*.html``,
``foo/**/bar.html`` are all invalid). As ``**`` was an error in
globs before, this does not affect any existing ``.cabal`` files
that previously worked.
* Wildcards now match when the pattern's extensions form a suffix of
the candidate file's extension, rather than requiring strict
equality (e.g., previously ``*.html`` did not match
``foo.en.html``, but now it does).
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