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Fix instructions in README for building with 6.6 and filepath

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......@@ -72,12 +72,21 @@ Cabal now uses the `filepath` package so that must be installed first.
GHC-6.6.1 and later come with `filepath` however earlier versions do not by
default. If you do not already have `filepath` then you need to install it. You
can use any existing version of Cabal to do that. If you have neither Cabal or
filepath then it is slightly harder but still possible:
filepath then it is slightly harder but still possible.
Unpack Cabal and filepath into separate directories. For example:
tar -xzf filepath-
tar -xzf Cabal-
# rename to make the following instructions simpler:
mv filepath- filepath/
mv Cabal- Cabal/
cd Cabal
ghc -i../filepath --make Setup.lhs -o ../filepath/setup
ghc -i../filepath -cpp --make Setup.hs -o ../filepath/setup
cd ../filepath/
./setup configure
./setup configure --user
./setup build
./setup install
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