Commit 3150547f authored by Luke Lau's avatar Luke Lau Committed by Oleg Grenrus

Give a small example of a file+noindex:// repo layout

parent 68320f16
......@@ -155,6 +155,21 @@ repository.
``package-name-version.tar.gz`` files in the directory, and will use optional
corresponding ``package-name-version.cabal`` files as new revisions.
For example, if ``/absolute/path/to/directory`` looks like
then ``cabal`` will create an index with two packages:
- ``foo-`` using the source and ``.cabal`` file inside
- ``bar-`` using the source inside ``bar-``
and ``bar-``
The index is cached inside the given directory. If the directory is not
writable, you can append ``#shared-cache`` fragment to the URI,
then the cache will be stored inside the :cfg-field:`remote-repo-cache` directory.
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