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Clarify what logical negation of impl with version ranges means
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......@@ -1721,6 +1721,20 @@ The following tests are currently supported.
version constraint, then this evaluates to true, otherwise false.
The match is case-insensitive.
Note that including a version constraint in an `impl` test causes it
to check for two properties:
* The current compiler has the specified name, and
* The compiler's version satisfied the specified version constraint
As a result, `!impl(ghc >= x.y.z)` is not entirely equivalent to
`impl(ghc < x.y.z)`. The test `!impl(ghc >= x.y.z)` checks that:
* The current compiler is not GHC, or
* The version of GHC is earlier than version x.y.z.
: Evaluates to the current assignment of the flag of the given name.
Flag names are case insensitive. Testing for flags that have not
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