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Fix for test suite stanzas with conditionals.

Ticket #811. This fixes a problem where Cabal would fail to detect the "type"
field of a test suite when the test suite contained a conditional. Conditionals
can now be used, with the restriction that the "type" field and the appropriate
"main-is" or "test-module" field must be specified together in any conditional
branch where they occur.
parent 7e8dfac4
......@@ -259,11 +259,8 @@ storeXFieldsTest _ _ = Nothing
validateTestSuite :: LineNo -> TestSuiteStanza -> ParseResult TestSuite
validateTestSuite line stanza =
case testStanzaTestType stanza of
Nothing ->
syntaxError line $
"The 'type' field is required for test suites. "
++ "The available test types are: "
++ intercalate ", " (map display knownTestTypes)
Nothing -> return $
emptyTestSuite { testBuildInfo = testStanzaBuildInfo stanza }
Just tt@(TestTypeUnknown _ _) ->
return emptyTestSuite {
......@@ -760,9 +757,48 @@ parsePackageDescription file = do
"'test-suite' needs one argument (the test suite's name)"
testname <- lift $ runP line_no "test" parseTokenQ sec_label
flds <- collectFields (parseTestFields line_no) sec_fields
(repos, flags, lib, exes, tests) <- getBody
return (repos, flags, lib, exes, (testname, flds): tests)
-- Check that a valid test suite type has been chosen. A type
-- field may be given inside a conditional block, so we must
-- check for that before complaining that a type field has not
-- been given. The test suite must always have a valid type, so
-- we need to check both the 'then' and 'else' blocks, though
-- the blocks need not have the same type.
let checkTestType ts ct =
let ts' = mappend ts $ condTreeData ct
-- If a conditional has only a 'then' block and no
-- 'else' block, then it cannot have a valid type
-- in every branch, unless the type is specified at
-- a higher level in the tree.
checkComponent (_, _, Nothing) = False
-- If a conditional has a 'then' block and an 'else'
-- block, both must specify a test type, unless the
-- type is specified higher in the tree.
checkComponent (_, t, Just e) =
checkTestType ts' t && checkTestType ts' e
-- Does the current node specify a test type?
hasTestType = testInterface ts'
/= testInterface emptyTestSuite
components = condTreeComponents ct
-- If the current level of the tree specifies a type,
-- then we are done. If not, then one of the conditional
-- branches below the current node must specify a type.
-- Each node may have multiple immediate children; we
-- only one need one to specify a type because the
-- configure step uses 'mappend' to join together the
-- results of flag resolution.
in hasTestType || (any checkComponent components)
if checkTestType emptyTestSuite flds
then do
(repos, flags, lib, exes, tests) <- getBody
return (repos, flags, lib, exes, (testname, flds) : tests)
else lift $ syntaxError line_no $
"Test suite \"" ++ testname
++ "\" is missing required field \"type\" or the field "
++ "is not present in all conditional branches. The "
++ "available test types are: "
++ intercalate ", " (map display knownTestTypes)
| sec_type == "library" -> do
when (not (null sec_label)) $ lift $
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