Commit 3b2d82ea authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang
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Dependency inconsistency must consider non-setup dep closures.

See also #3528.

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent caf691f8
......@@ -254,9 +254,32 @@ dependencyInconsistencies indepGoals index =
concatMap dependencyInconsistencies' subplans
subplans :: [SolverPlanIndex]
subplans = catMaybes $
map (fmap Graph.fromList . Graph.closure index)
(rootSets indepGoals index)
subplans = -- Not Graph.closure!!
map (nonSetupClosure index)
(rootSets indepGoals index)
-- NB: When we check for inconsistencies, packages from the setup
-- scripts don't count as part of the closure (this way, we
-- can build, e.g., Cabal-1.24.1 even if its setup script is
-- built with Cabal-1.24.0).
-- This is a best effort function that swallows any non-existent
-- SolverIds.
nonSetupClosure :: SolverPlanIndex
-> [SolverId]
-> SolverPlanIndex
nonSetupClosure index pkgids0 = closure Graph.empty pkgids0
closure completed [] = completed
closure completed (pkgid:pkgids) =
case Graph.lookup pkgid index of
Nothing -> closure completed pkgids
Just pkg ->
case Graph.lookup (nodeKey pkg) completed of
Just _ -> closure completed pkgids
Nothing -> closure completed' pkgids'
where completed' = Graph.insert pkg completed
pkgids' = CD.nonSetupDeps (resolverPackageDeps pkg) ++ pkgids
-- | Compute the root sets of a plan
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