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Adds documentation.

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......@@ -291,6 +291,20 @@ to happen if a flag actually applied to every transitive dependency). To
apply options to an external package, use a ``package`` stanza in a
``cabal.project`` file.
cabal new-update
``cabal new-update`` updates the state of the package index. If the
project contains multiple remote package repositories it will update
the index of all of them (e.g. when using overlays).
Seom examples:
$ cabal new-update # update all remote repos
$ cabal new-update head.hackage # update only head.hackage
cabal new-build
-*-change-log-*- (current development version)
* Completed the 'new-update' command (#4809), which respects nix-style
cabal.project(.local) files and allows to update from
multiple repositories when using overlays.
* New config file field: 'cxx-options' to specify which options to be
passed to the compiler when compiling C++ sources specified by the
'cxx-sources' field. (#3700)
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