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Document building cabal from git sources and running the tests.
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# Building Cabal from git cloned sources and running the tests
Building Cabal from from source required the following:
* Glorious/Glasgow Haskell Compiler (ghc).
* An existing (relatively recent) cabal binary (eg obtained as port of the
haskell-platform, bootstrapped from the source tarball on Hackage or installed
from your Linux vendor).
Once you have these, the steps are:
1. Change into the directory where you want to stash the cabal sources, eg:
cd $HOME/Git
2. Clone the repo and change into the `cabal-install` directory:
git clone
cd cabal/cabal-install/
3. If you are hacking on Cabal you probaly don't want your development version
to interfere with the `cabal` executable you actually use, so we'll set up and
use a cabal sandbox:
cabal sandbox init
4. Now add the `Cabal` library and install all the dependencies into the sandbox:
cabal sandbox add-source ../Cabal
cabal --enable-tests install --dependencies-only
5. Build cabal-install and run the tests:
cabal build
cabal test
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ This Cabal Git repository contains the following packages:
* [Cabal](Cabal/ the Cabal library package ([license](Cabal/LICENSE))
* [cabal-install](cabal-install/ the package containing the `cabal` tool ([license](cabal-install/LICENSE))
See []( for information about building from git cloned sources.
See []( for information about contributing.
The canonical upstream repository is located at
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