Commit 44352eb2 authored by Benno Fünfstück's avatar Benno Fünfstück Committed by Edward Z. Yang
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cabal-testsuite: check return code of `configure` with custom setup

parent 4220ffb5
......@@ -143,11 +143,14 @@ setup' cmd args = do
if buildType (packageDescription pdesc) == Just Simple
then runM (testSetupPath env) full_args
-- Run the Custom script!
else liftIO $ runghc (testScriptEnv env)
(Just (testCurrentDir env))
(testEnvironment env)
(testCurrentDir env </> "Setup.hs")
else do
r <- liftIO $ runghc (testScriptEnv env)
(Just (testCurrentDir env))
(testEnvironment env)
(testCurrentDir env </> "Setup.hs")
record r
requireSuccess r
-- This code is very tempting (and in principle should be quick:
-- after all we are loading the built version of Cabal), but
-- actually it costs quite a bit in wallclock time (e.g. 54sec to
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