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outlined new idea for preprocessor

parent c8d18b89
......@@ -45,8 +45,10 @@ import Distribution.PreProcess.Unlit(plain, unlit)
import Distribution.Package (PackageDescription(..), BuildInfo(..), Executable(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Configure (LocalBuildInfo(..))
import Distribution.Simple.Utils (setupMessage,moveSources, pathJoin,
withLib, rawSystemPath)
withLib, rawSystemPath, joinFilenameDir)
import Distribution.Setup (CompilerFlavor(..))
import System.Exit (ExitCode)
import System.Directory (renameFile)
-- |Copy and (possibly) preprocess sources from hsSourceDirs
preprocessSources :: PackageDescription
......@@ -77,6 +79,28 @@ data PreProcessor = PreProcessor
-> IO ()),
ppSuitable :: CompilerFlavor -> Bool}
-- |If both output locations are null, just output to the default
-- location for this preprocessor (may be stdout?). If directory is
-- null, default to "." if output file is null, use the default
-- filename, but move to the output directory.
type PreProcessor2 = FilePath -- ^Location of the source file in need of preprocessing
-> Maybe FilePath -- ^Directory to output the preprocessed file (output)
-> Maybe FilePath -- ^Filename of the preprocessed file (output)
-> IO ExitCode
ppCpp2 :: PreProcessor2
ppCpp2 inFile Nothing Nothing
= rawSystemPath "cpphs" ["-O" ++ inFile ++ ".hs", inFile]
ppCpp2 inFile j@(Just outDir) Nothing
= ppCpp2 inFile j (Just (inFile ++ ".hs"))
ppCpp2 inFile Nothing (Just outFile)
= rawSystemPath "cpphs" ["-O" ++ outFile, inFile]
ppCpp2 inFile (Just outDir) (Just outFile)
= do c <- rawSystemPath "cpphs" ["-O" ++ outFile, inFile]
renameFile outFile (joinFilenameDir outDir outFile)
return c
type PPSuffixHandler
= (String, (String->String->String), PreProcessor)
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