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Commentary for configureRequiredProgram. (#4068)

Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>
parent 37b0face
......@@ -1369,6 +1369,12 @@ configureRequiredPrograms :: Verbosity -> [Dependency] -> ProgramDb
configureRequiredPrograms verbosity deps progdb =
foldM (configureRequiredProgram verbosity) progdb deps
-- | Configure a required program, ensuring that it exists in the PATH
-- (or where the user has specified the program must live) and making it
-- available for use via the 'ProgramDb' interface. If the program is
-- known (exists in the input 'ProgramDb'), we will make sure that the
-- program matches the required version; otherwise we will accept
-- any version of the program and assume that it is a simpleProgram.
configureRequiredProgram :: Verbosity -> ProgramDb -> Dependency
-> IO ProgramDb
configureRequiredProgram verbosity progdb
......@@ -1376,6 +1382,41 @@ configureRequiredProgram verbosity progdb
case lookupKnownProgram progName progdb of
Nothing ->
-- Try to configure it as a 'simpleProgram' automatically
-- There's a bit of a story behind this line. In old versions
-- of Cabal, there were only internal build-tools dependencies. So the
-- behavior in this case was:
-- - If a build-tool dependency was internal, don't do
-- any checking.
-- - If it was external, call 'configureRequiredProgram' to
-- "configure" the executable. In particular, if
-- the program was not "known" (present in 'ProgramDb'),
-- then we would just error. This was fine, because
-- the only way a program could be executed from 'ProgramDb'
-- is if some library code from Cabal actually called it,
-- and the pre-existing Cabal code only calls known
-- programs from 'defaultProgramDb', and so if it
-- is calling something else, you have a Custom setup
-- script, and in that case you are expected to register
-- the program you want to call in the ProgramDb.
-- OK, so that was fine, until I (ezyang, in 2016) refactored
-- Cabal to support per-component builds. In this case, what
-- was previously an internal build-tool dependency now became
-- an external one, and now previously "internal" dependencies
-- are now external. But these are permitted to exist even
-- when they are not previously configured (something that
-- can only occur by a Custom script.)
-- So, I decided, "Fine, let's just accept these in any
-- case." Thus this line. The alternative would have been to
-- somehow detect when a build-tools dependency was "internal" (by
-- looking at the unflattened package description) but this
-- would also be incompatible with future work to support
-- external executable dependencies: we definitely cannot
-- assume they will be preinitialized in the 'ProgramDb'.
configureProgram verbosity (simpleProgram progName) progdb
Just prog
-- requireProgramVersion always requires the program have a version
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