Commit 45babc87 authored by Alexis Williams's avatar Alexis Williams

Explain and fix missing case error

parent 34a1aee7
......@@ -455,6 +455,14 @@ readPackageTarget verbosity = traverse modifyLocation
error "TODO: readPackageTarget RepoTarballPackage"
-- For repo tarballs this info should be obtained from the index.
RemoteSourceRepoPackage _srcRepo _ ->
error "TODO: readPackageTarget RemoteSourceRepoPackage"
-- This can't happen, because it would have errored out already
-- in fetchPackage, via fetchPackageTarget before it gets to this
-- function.
-- When that is corrected, this will also need to be fixed.
readTarballPackageTarget location tarballFile tarballOriginalLoc = do
(filename, content) <- extractTarballPackageCabalFile
tarballFile tarballOriginalLoc
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