Commit 480c7e29 authored by ttuegel's avatar ttuegel Committed by tibbe
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Clarify dependency policy between Cabal, cabal-install

(cherry picked from commit 6934a95c)
parent f2a07d2c
......@@ -77,7 +77,13 @@ Dependencies policy
Cabal's policy is to support being built by versions of GHC that are up
to 3 years old.
The development branch of the Cabal library must not depend on any library,
or any version of any library, outside those that ship with GHC HEAD. All
dependencies must be buildable with versions of GHC up to 3 years old
(see above), but they need not ship with older versions of GHC.
The Cabal library must be buildable out-of-the-box, i.e., the
dependency versions required by Cabal must have shipped with GHC for
at least 3 years. Cabal may use newer libraries if they are available,
as long as there is a suitable fallback when only older versions
cabal-install must be buildable by versions of GHC that are up to 3
years old. It need not be buildable out-of-the-box, so cabal-install
may depend on newer versions of libraries if they can still be
compiled by 3-year-old versions of GHC.
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