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added attic

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-- build the executables
sequence_ [rawSystemExit (compilerPath (compiler lbi)) ["--make", modName, "-o" ++ exeName]
| (exeName, modName, _) <- executables pkg_descr]
TestLabel "Config" $ TestList [
"config prefix ghc given package tool" ~: "failed" ~:
basicGhcConfig ~=? (parseArgs ["--prefix=/lib", "--ghc",
"find package tool" ~: "failed" ~:
basicGhcConfig ~=? (parseArgs ["--prefix=/lib", "--ghc",
"locate compiler and package tool" ~: "failed" ~:
realGhcConfig ~=? (parseArgs ["configure", "--ghc"]),
"should we default to the current compiler?" ~: "failed" ~:
realGhcConfig ~=? (parseArgs ["configure"])],
let basicGhcConfig = (ConfigCmd [Prefix "/lib",
(LocalBuildInfo "/lib"
(Compiler GHC "/bin/ghc"
"/bin/ghc-pkg")), [])
let realGhcConfig = (ConfigCmd (LocalBuildInfo "" (Compiler Hugs "" "")), [])
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