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Add documentation of new LocalBuildInfo fields

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......@@ -106,10 +106,10 @@ data LocalBuildInfo = LocalBuildInfo {
withC2hs :: Maybe FilePath, -- ^Might be the location of the C2hs executable.
withCpphs :: Maybe FilePath, -- ^Might be the location of the Cpphs executable.
withGreencard :: Maybe FilePath, -- ^Might be the location of the GreenCard executable.
withVanillaLib:: Bool,
withProfLib :: Bool,
withProfExe :: Bool,
withGHCiLib :: Bool,
withVanillaLib:: Bool, -- ^Whether to build normal libs.
withProfLib :: Bool, -- ^Whether to build profiling versions of libs.
withProfExe :: Bool, -- ^Whether to build executables for profiling.
withGHCiLib :: Bool, -- ^Whether to build libs suitable for use with GHCi.
splitObjs :: Bool -- ^Use -split-objs with GHC, if available
} deriving (Read, Show)
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