Commit 5408a611 authored by kristenk's avatar kristenk Committed by Mikhail Glushenkov
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Add a comment about the single instance restriction to the fix for #4299.

[ci skip]
parent e84a99a0
......@@ -260,7 +260,9 @@ enforcePackageConstraints pcs = trav go
-- unconstrained goals to use the default value for x OR any of the values in
-- the constraints on x (even though the constraints don't apply), in order to
-- allow the unconstrained goals to be linked to the constrained goals. See
-- Removing the single instance
-- restriction (SIR) would also fix #4299, so we may want to remove this
-- exception and only let the user toggle manual flags if we remove the SIR.
-- This function does not enforce any of the constraints, since that is done by
-- 'enforcePackageConstraints'.
......@@ -269,8 +271,8 @@ enforceManualFlags pcs = trav go
go (FChoiceF qfn@(FN (PI (Q _ pn) _) fn) rdm gr tr Manual d ts) =
FChoiceF qfn rdm gr tr Manual d $
let -- A list of all values specified by constraints on 'fn',
-- regardless of scope.
let -- A list of all values specified by constraints on 'fn'.
-- We ignore the constraint scope in order to handle issue #4299.
flagConstraintValues :: [Bool]
flagConstraintValues =
[ flagVal
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