Commit 55835636 authored by Mikhail Glushenkov's avatar Mikhail Glushenkov
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Don't calculate the list of missing dependencies twice.

parent 270e771d
......@@ -542,9 +542,10 @@ finalizePackageDescription userflags satisfyDep
| manual -> [b]
| otherwise -> [b, not b]
--flagDefaults = map (\(n,x:_) -> (n,x)) flagChoices
check ds = if all satisfyDep ds
then DepOk
else MissingDeps $ filter (not . satisfyDep) ds
check ds = let missingDeps = filter (not . satisfyDep) ds
in if null missingDeps
then DepOk
else MissingDeps missingDeps
let tst_p = (CondNode [1::Int] [Distribution.Package.Dependency "a" AnyVersion] [])
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